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At Storage Network Solutions we do only one thing and one thing only, Data Storage. SNS focuses its resources on ensuring that the Data Storage System that we deliver is custom tailored and suited specifically to your needs. With over three decades of storage experience SNS experience is its driving force.

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Storage Systems for Enterprise and SMB

NAS Storage Solutions

XCubeNAS XN8000 Series

Ultra-high Performance and Virtualization Ready

XCubeNAS is an ideal and economical storage solution that can be used as shared network storage or IP-SAN storage for virtualization environments. Officially certified with VMware® Ready, Citrix® Ready, and Microsoft® Hyper-V, the XCubeNAS is a stable and efficient data storage system. Virtualized data centers can perform faster and more efficiently with XCubeNASs assistance on provisioning, migration, and management of virtual machines. The XCubeNAS provides virtualization solutions allowing you to maximize resource utilization to deliver application services flexibly. The built-in hypervisor manager provides a quick and straightforward way to deploy virtual resources into your infrastructure. This ability means that you can save on listening costs, by moving virtual resources onto the XcubeNAS and free up valuable resources on your hypervisor.

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XCubeNAS XN7000 Series

Best Enterprise-Level Encryption Solution for Entry Enterprise and SMB

XCubeNAS can be much safer more than you can imagine with the disk self-encrypting technology called SED (Self-Encrypting Drive). With the technology, even if the physical drive is stolen or misplaced, the data on it remains protected against data breach by generating the authentication key (AK) to prevent the unauthorized access. However, the SED offered by QSAN provides the secured pools migration between different XCubeNASs and easy to manage the key by exporting AK for more efficient.

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XCubeNAS 5000 Series

The Perfect NAS Solution for the SMB Market

WORM technology is design to prevent intentional or accidental modification of data in a certain period. Files and folders under WORMs protection can only be read in a user-defined period. It is unable to modify any files or folders until the period has expired. WORM can protect your data from encryption-based ransomware that installs covertly on a victims system and encrypts their files, making them inaccessible. WORM will protect your confidential data from unauthorized modification and threat, ensuring the correctness and integrity of your data.

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SAN Storage Solutions

XCubeSAN 5200 Series

The Perfect SAN Storage for Mission-Critical Environments

The XCubeSAN XS5200 series is the newest generation of Dual-Active (Active-Active) SAN systems with high performance. It’s simple, secure, scalable, and affordable for enterprises. It brings enterprise-level features such as thin provisioning, SSD read and write cache, auto-tiering, and snapshot to the SMBs. The XS5200 products are designed to be an ideal solution to the applications of mission-critical data centers, high-performance computing, virtualization integration, or media and entertainment environments.

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XCubeSAN 3200 Series

High-Performance SAN System for Enterprise Entry

QSAN XS3200 Series is the high performance, simple, secure, scalable and affordable SAN storage systems for enterprise and SMB. It is an ideal solution to the applications of virtualization integration, media, and entertainment, or large scale surveillance; and also backup and disaster recovery in the enterprise, SMB or ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) deployments.

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XCubeSAN 1200 Series

The Perfect SAN Solution for the SMB Market

QSAN XS1200 Series is the most cost-effective SAN storage system for the SMB market. It is a perfect solution to the applications of surveillance, backup and for disaster recovery in SMB which can reduce capital expenditure and achieve maximum efficiency at the same time.

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FAS Storage Solutions

XCubeFAS 2000 Series

The Best Entry-Level All-Flash Array Data Storage

All Can Afford, All Situations, All Can Use

The XCubeFAS XF2026D was developed on a foundation of three simple concepts: All-Flash Arrays should be user-friendly and operable by all, be able to be deployed or integrated into any environment, and should be affordable for any size business. Based on these three ideas, the XCubeFAS XF2026D was born.

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