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Managing Your Network

Managing Your Network

Operation of day to day business is dependent upon hardware, but everyone thinks hardware is the solution for all their woes in Information Technology. Well it is for the most part and without software what can hardware do? Nothing! So hardware and Software make up a system one is dependent upon the other. Just like what makes up your network: Routers, switches, and modems. Wrong? A network is made up of many different type of systems implemented into an interconnecting environment that we come to know as our Intranet and internet.

Router allows us to send information to the internet via the Network demarcation zone (DMZ), but that router is just a piece of machinery that need the commands in the specific language or platform in order to perform. Switches couldn’t do any port forwarding if it did not know how to communicate with the other logical processes inside the switch. This is the perspective we all need when managing our Network.

Our network is not just one piece of machinery it is a plethora of devices that make up your network. We start everything from the workstation to the switching devices for an easy flow to the routers for connection to the internet.

When we manage a network we look at all aspects of the network. When dealing with a router, switch, hub, repeater, workstation, server, or tablet in the network you have to be able secure the interconnections of you and your client’s devices when communicating outside the DMZ.  Some small businesses do not have the luxury of hiring an I.T. person to handle the network correctly and if they do they usually get what they pay for. This would be some one that knows their way around computers, but is clueless when it comes to network protocols and loadbearing the network to enhance the speed and bandwidth for which they can get the most throughput for their money.

Most people in the industry know computers both Linux and Window platforms, Unix is a little less knowledgeable. The network and security part of your IT departments needs knowledgeable and have experience in dealing with crisis situations. They need the expertise in setting your network to prevent penetrators, i.e.… hackers and script kiddies. Small businesses don’t have the luxury to shut down their affected server and workstations like an enterprise level company would with their failsafe disaster responses. The have to be up and going or they will lose valuable time and money.

Key point to keeping a network secure and running is to manage it.

  • Provide bi-weekly maintenance
    • Clean it out if filtered machines clean them.
    • run diagnostics monthly
    • check reports on your firewall and analyze the attacks and potential attacks
    • ensure all workstations and server have antivirus and malware protection.
    • Inspect cables
  • Have a meeting with the hierarchy to inform them of the network status.

These two thing will keep you on top of your network and keep the I.T. person on top of his job also.  A managed well-organized and thought out network will enhance productivity and financial status of your company. Being non-active on your network will be the end of your business.